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PixelStamps is a collection of stamps pixelated by the pixel artists of the world. Stamp price represents popularity of the stamp.

Last update: 30.10.15
Stamps collected: 153



14.05.07 Together with PixelJoint we are starting a new pixel stamps collection - food stamps. Make sure you read the challenge rules here.

26.09.06 The project was featured on Russian TV channel "Culture". Download the video (4Mb).

28.07.06 New theme for the pixel stamps is fantasy.

18.07.06 FAQ page created.

Join us

Join us by creating your own pixel stamp. Click here to read the rules and download the stamp template.


stamps stamps
PixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: food fishstamp pixelfish pixelstamp stampfish fishpixelPixelStamps: food
PixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodBlank stampPixelStamps: foodBlank stampPixelStamps: food
Blank stampPixelStamps: foodBlank stampPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: food
PixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodBlank stampPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: food
Blank stampPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodBlank stamp
PixelStamps: foodBlank stampPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: food
PixelStamps: foodBlank stampPixelStamps: foodBlank stampBlank stamp
PixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodPixelStamps: foodBlank stamp
stamps stamps
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